Wyvern Restaurants Annual Picnic

August 19, 2003

The piņatas were very popular with the children. One of the older boys carefully organized the younger children by size, and everyone got to swing at a piņata. Sponge Bob Square Pants might not be a traditional shape, but he was popular nonetheless.

The older boys were blindfolded for their chance at the star-shaped piņata, but it was study enough to need adult help to spill the enclosed candy.

pinata02.JPG - 49709 Bytes pinata03
pinata01 pinata04
pinata05 pinata06
pinata07 pinata08
pinata09 pinata10
pinata11 pinata12
pinata13 pinata15
pinata16 pinata17
pinata18. scramble for candy
pinatastar04 pinatastar03
pinatastar02 More candy

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